All Ark: Survival Ascended Console Commands And What They Do

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All Ark: Survival Ascended Console Commands And What They Do
Ark: Survival Ascended console commands give you complete control over your server and everyone in it, assuming you know what you're doing
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Ark: Survival Ascended console commands give you complete control over your server and everyone in it, assuming you know what you're doing. There are nearly 100 console commands, each with very specific triggers and ways to input your desired parameters. We've rounded up all of them in our Ark: Survival Ascended console commands list and explained what each does.

How to use Ark: Survival Ascended console commands on PC

Press the "~" key (without quotation marks) to open the console command screen on PC. You'll see an empty black space and a blinking cursor. Enter your command, and a list of suggested commands appears. Choose from it, or ignore it and keep typing your own. Press "Enter" when you're finished to activate the command. You may need to open the game's main menu by pressing the "Escape" key first, though I accessed the console commands menu without doing that.

How to use Ark Survival Ascended console commands on PlayStation and Xbox

On PlayStation:

  • Open the menu
  • Press L1, R1, Square, and Triangle simultaneously

On Xbox:

  • Open the menu
  • Press RB, LB, Y, and X simultaneously

All Ark Survival Ascended console commands

Command InputCommand Effect
AddExperience (number)Grants your character the number of XP you specified
AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck (steamid) or (PSN id) or (gamertag)Adds player to your whitelist

DisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheck (steamid) or (PSN id) or (gamertag)

Removes player from your whitelist
BanPlayer (steamid) or (PSN id) or (gamertag)Specified player will no longer be able to join your servers
Broadcast (message)Sends the message you put in parentheses to all players on the current server
ChangeSize (number)Changes your player's size
ClearPlayerInventory (player ID) (ClearInventory) (ClearSlotItems) (ClearEquippedItems)Will remove the specified item categories from the indicated player
ClearTutorialsDisables tutorial messages
DebugStructuresDisplays ID and structure info when looking at structures
Command InputCommand Effect
DestroyAll (type)Instantly destroys all dinosaurs of the specified type
Destroy AllEnemiesDestroys every wild enemy and all tame enemies you own
DestroyStructuresDestroys all structures you own
DestroyTribeDinosDestroys all dinosaurs of the tribe you're currently facing
DestroyTribePlayersDestroys all tribe members you're currently facing
DestroyTribeStructuresDestroys all tribe structures belonging to the tribe you're currently facing
DestroyWildDinosDestroys all untamed dinosaurs
DisableSpectatorCauses the user to leave spectator mode and respawn as a player
DoExitDisables the active server
Command InputCommand Effect
DoRestartLevelForces the current map to perform a restart
DoTameTames the dinosaur you're currently facing
EnemyInvisibleEnemies behave as if you're not present
ExecSetSleepingTrueYou fall asleep
ExecSetSleepingFalseYou wake up
FlyYou can fly
ForceTameTames the dinosaur you're currently facing and lets you ride without a saddle
ForceTameAOE (radius)Applies the ForceTame effect to all dinosaurs in the radius you specify
ForcePlayerToJoinTargetTribe (PlayerID)Assigns the player you specify to join the tribe you're currently targeting
GameCommand (command)Lets you issue commands to begin new game modes
Command InputCommand Effect
GetChatDisplays all in-game chats
GFI (item name)Instantly gives you the item specified in parentheses
GhostLets you pass through solid objects
GiveAllMeatGives you every kind of meat
GiveAllStructureGives you every structure belonging to the targeted tribe
GiveArmorSet (tier) (quality)Instantly gives you armor corresponding to the parameters you specify
GiveBossItemsGives you boss drops
GiveColorsGives you every type of dye
GiveCreativeModePuts you in creative mode
GiveCreativeModeToPlayer (PlayerID)Puts the selected player in creative mode
The right console command makes this a friendly dino instantly.
Command InputCommand Effect
GiveDinoSet (tier) (quality)Spawns a dinosaur and saddle of the tier and quality you specify
GiveEngramsUnlocks all recipes
GiveEngramsTekOnlyUnlocks all Tek recipes
GiveItem / GiveItemNum (item#/BlueprintPath)(quantity)(Quality)(ForceBlueprint)Gives you the item you specify
GiveItemSet (tier)Gives you the specified tier of item

GiveItem / GiveItemNum (PlayerID) (item#/BlueprintPath)(quantity)(Quality)(ForceBlueprint)

Gives the item you specify to the player you specify
GiveResourcesGives you 50 of every resource
GiveWeaponset (tier) (quality)Gives you a weapon set of the specified tier and quality
GiveSlotItem /GiveSlotItemNum (BlueprintPath) (SlotNumber) (Quantity)Gives you an item from the specified blueprint in the specified slot
Command InputCommand Effect
GiveToMeGives the user the structure, item, or dinosaur they're targeting
GMBuffActivates god mode and grants you XP and Engrams
GMSummon (type)(level)Summons a creature matching the type and level you specify
GodActivates god mode, where you can't be harmed by enemies. You can, however, still starve or drown
HideTutorial (TutorialIndex)Hides the specified tutorial
HurtMe (amount)Instantly damages you by the specified amount
InfiniteStatsRemoves survival requirements
KickPlayer (SteamId) or (PSN ID) or (Gamertag)Removes the player from your server
KillKills the structure, enemy, or character you're currently targeting
Command InputCommand Effect
KillPlayer (SteamId) or (PSN ID) or (Gamertag)Kills the specified player
LeaveMeAloneYou become invincible
ListPlayersDisplays a list of all players in the server and their ID
MakeTribeAdminGives you admin rights over the tribe you're in
MakeTribeFounderTurns you into the founder of the tribe you're part of
OnToggleInGameMenuOpens the in-game menu
OpenMap (MapName)Opens the map you specified
PlayersOnlyFreezes all non-player creatures
PrintColorsPrints color IDs
If your tribe needs a leader, you can quickly and undemocratically take that role yourself.
Command InputCommand Effect
RemoveTribeAdminRemoves the current tribe administrator's status
Rename (SteamId) or (PSN ID) or (Gamertag) (PlayerName)Changes the selected player's name to the chosen name
Rename (TribeName) (NewTribeName)Renames the chosen tribe to the new specified name
RequestSpectator (password)Issues a request to join as a spectator, using the password the server owner established
SaveWorldSaves all world settings
ServerChat (message)Sends the specified message to all players in the server
ServerChatToPlayer (SteamId) or (PSN ID) or (Gamertag)Sends a message to the chosen player
SetAdminIconTrueDisplays the admin icon next to the admin's name
SetAdminIconFalseRemoves the admin icon from next to the admin's name
Command InputCommand Effect
SetBabyAge (AgeNumber)Sets the targeted baby's age to the number specified
SetCheatPlayerTrueActivates the cheat menu
SetCheatPlayerFalseDisables the cheat menu
SetFacialHairPercent (Length)Sets your character's facial hair to the specified length
SetGlobalPause (IsPaused)Pauses the current server
SetTimeOfDay XX:XXSet the time of day to the specified value
Summon <type>Generate a creature of the type specified
SummonTamed <type>Generate a tamed creature of the type specified
TeleportMove in the direction that you're facing
Command InputCommand Effect
TeleportPlayerIDToMe <PlayerID>Brings the specified player to you
ToggleInfiniteAmmoTurns infinite ammo on or off (enter once to activate and once more to deactivate)
TPCoords <lat><long><altitude>Teleport to specified location
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