How Long Is Super Mario RPG?

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When it comes to RPGs, you can usually expect to spend quite a lot of time exploring a dense, lore-filled world, customizing your character's stats, and engaging with strategic combat. With Nintendo's remake of Super Mario RPG, though, that's not quite the case. This refresh of the 1996 classic is filled with creativity and charm, but it provides a short and sweet campaign and a limited amount of post-game content.

That being said, as with most games, how long it takes you to complete Super Mario RPG will depend largely on what goals you're trying to accomplish in the game. Here's everything you need to know about how long it takes to beat this colorful remake.

How long is Super Mario RPG?

An average playthrough of Super Mario RPG, which would involve completing the main story and a bit of optional content, should land most players at around 13 hours. However, those looking to get through just the main story without investing in any side content could easily complete their adventure in 11 hours of playtime. If playing on the game's new "Breezy" difficulty, this could even be reduced further, as it makes an already easy game an absolute cakewalk.

How long it takes you to beat Super Mario RPG depends on how many of its secrets you want to discover.

Meanwhile, completionists who wish to see everything Super Mario RPG has to offer may find themselves playing nearly double the amount of time at approximately 20 hours. This includes setting high scores for all of the mini-games, finding all 39 hidden treasure chests, defeating two optional bosses, and re-challenging six previously fought bosses in the game's new boss rematch feature.

As you can see, there's plenty to do in Super Mario RPG if you want to spend more time in its vibrant world. Regardless of whether you're going for a full completion or just hoping to see the story through, however, it's a classic role-playing experience that offers an unmatched level of light-hearted entertainment for both new and returning players.

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